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Creating Hope!


Femto Trade provides products and services to Nuclear Medicine Centers, Radiology Centers & Liver Cancer Institutes in Egypt, with highly qualified employees. Femto Trade quality and environmental policy is to provide products and services complying national and international standards, to meet the needs of doctors and patients related to its services and products; and continuously to improve, to plan, to produce and to monitor its products to minimize the environmental effects in production and usage stage.

Femto Trade will be the solution partner by supplying the below services:

Start-up Service

Commissioning and acceptance of equipments
Preparation of the Site Master File (SMF)
Preparation of the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
Preparation of the Validation Master File
Validations (PQ and Environmental)
Calibration of Production Equipment
Calibration of QC Equipment
Calibration of Radiation Monitoring Equipment

Operational Service

Providing Staff
Operator Specialist
Production Specialist
QC Specialist


Training local staff
Handing over the business

Customer Support

Maintenance Programs
We offer flexible maintenance options to facilitate your ongoing needs. We offer flexible Maintenance Agreements, or we offer a Maintenance Program for your experienced staff to implement.

Additional Services

  • Technical Support
  • Remote online diagnostics
  • Software support
  • On-site service
  • Spare parts

Professional Services
Experienced staff including technicians, engineers, chemists, and physicists. Our team of professionals will work closely with you and your colleagues to prepare and review your system requirements.
Services include site preparations, project scheduling, radiation protection, licensing and other related logistical requirements to meet project specifications.