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Epsilon Landauer is a leading company that has proven its trustfulness, using sensitive and reliable dosimeters in all radiation fields where people may be exposed to ionising radiation for measuring and monitoring the radiation exposure of the persons working with radiation, the public and environment. Epsilon Landauer has received its TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation certificate following the audits performed by TÜRKAK. Our company aims to provide approved dosimetry services to public / private hospitals, medical facilities, industrial facilities, universities, laboratories and any other sector with a radiation exposure risk.

OSL Technology

The OSL Readers

The MicroStar

The microStar reader measures radiation exposure with aluminium oxide detectors (Al2O3:C) read out by Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology. It is a portable and lightweight reader, adapted to personal monitoring dosemeters or nanoDots.

The microStar reader can be used anywhere to measure immediate and accurate radiation dose assessments, i.e.: for emergency response, area monitoring, clinical dose assessment, or any radiation measurement.

As the reading is non-destructive, it allows dose verification and intermittent analysis while maintaining total dose accumulations.

It uses a conventional electrical power source and no other connections. It is therefore a 'plug-in and operate' piece of equipment with low maintenance requirements (no heating, no gas).

The reader connects via a USB cable to an external computer that controls the setup, analysis and data recording.

Calibration can be achieved using a set of calibration dosemeters. A diagnostic (80 kVp) set can be supplied on demand.