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Creating Hope!

Future Plan


In order to accomplish our mission to providing the best services in nuclear medicine our future plan is to establish our second factory in the delta region by 2015 serving all governerates in the delta area in order to save both life time & validity of our products & ensuring our delivery of high quality medical products, equipment's & services that is SAFE, EFFECTIVE and PROMPT.

Upper Egypt

With same concept of establishing the delta factory we intend also to start our third factory in upper Egypt by the year 2017 as a logistics solution to serve all governorates in the upper Egypt region as well as Sudan & South Sudan. Also, to ensure our leadership in the nuclear medical field serving our country with the best health care products.

Femto Trade Saudi Arabia

With 15 years of serving the medical section in Egypt with the best products, services & equipment's together with innovation and leadership in medical care, whether it's diagnostic or for therapy and through education, technology & experience in the nuclear and liver cancer products we have decided to open our second scientific office in Saudi Arabia as a center in the Gulf Area enabling to serve all countries in the Gulf Area.

With a Capital of 15,000,000 Suadi Reyal and our proffessional team of expert technicians and employees we intend to transfer our experience and know how to the Gulf Area.